Barceló Hotels & Resorts

Introducing…Barceló Hotels & Resorts!

Barceló Hotels & Resorts is one of the many previous groups I have been in, and in the past weeek I gained the courage to rejoin. Apparently, I joined at a bad time, because there was a power-hungry lying brat Executive Board member(-cough- Vurcla -cough-) looking for people to use. At the time I joined, the person Vurcla had been using previously(-cough- LolMarii101 -cough-) resigned for a reason I didn’t know at the time. Unfortunately, I felt in my heart after getting a glimpse of Vurcla, that she was nice and so I sent her a thank you letter(along with a few other important people in groups, but they were all edited to fit what each person does):

“Dear Vurcla, I understand that you work (censored here but it was your butt) off for Barcelo, and I wanted to thank you. I’m sure you don’t get a lot of thanks, so I wanted to be the one to do thank you every once in a while. Here goes. Thank you, for every single hour you put into what goes online. Thank you, for every moment that passed you by. Thank you, for everyone you’ve watched over and kept safe. Thank you, for working even if you were ill(everyone does it sometime), and for being you, for being Vurcla. Thank you.”

So she free-ranks me from a rank 6(Receptionist) to rank 16(Vice President) in a matter of hours. Overnight, I receive at least two hate messages containing “Vurcla never should’ve promoted you, you didn’t work for it, like I have worked for my rank”. Two days later, Vurcla quits. Not only does she quit, but she suspends/demotes/exiles the entire staff that she can, plus delete everything she made. She then takes it all to a near-identical group-Barceló Hotels & Resorts™.

In the next few days, several people protest against her actions, causing at least twenty bans. As more people quit, she promotes me. I’m feeling estastic and just ignoring all the trash continued to be aimed towards Vurcla through me. I neglect my true friends and everyone who really matters.

Luckily, I get a wake up call from LolMarii101(Remember her from earlier? She was the one Vurcla had been using). Marii contacts me and shares her experience, and in comparison, I could find events EXACTLY like hers, feelings EXACTLY like hers, and of course, the EXACT same person causing it all.

I try to test this theory, and Marii proves to be right, so I try leaving. Vurcla nearly stops me with what seems to be a heartfelt message, but with more messaging with Marii, I leave again, blocking Vurcla quickly.

This may seem weird as to why I would be posting it here, but there is a good end result.

After leaving Barceló Hotels & Resorts™, Vurcla blames me for posts she put on Barceló Hotels & Resorts. This proves to me that she was never a friend to me, and I had previously been thinking I would stay out of either side. Not anymore. I re-joined Barceló Hotels & Resorts, and I received what I believe I should’ve earned: A job as a rank 13, General Manager. On our discord chat, we had a deep discussion about Vurcla, and now the feeling of the old Barceló Hotels & Resorts I had once joined returned. Barceló was back.

I wanted to share this here for the people looking for a group that will stand by each other and will promise real friendship with its members. We may just be getting back on our feet, but Barceló was great, and it will be again.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in:

Seeing a video where I look like a complete idiot:

Joining Barceló Hotels & Resorts:

Copy and paste those links into your browser. 🙂

Until next time, everyone!

KFantastic, The Roblox Group Insider


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