Grand * Theatre

Introducing…Grand * Theatre!

I’m finally posting this, after several annoyed messages. You know who you are. cx

Anyway, this is an introduction, not a rant about some egostistical power hungry maniac like the Barceló introduction post was.

To start off, this post is mainly to give some background for a post that will be published in 2-4 days. Yaysies!

Grand Theatre is actually one of my first groups that I was ever an HR in(I believe my first HR job was at Barceló). I found it first when one of my friends, nicknick70(sadly, haven’t heard from him recently, everyone go follow to message him and say “talk to KFan”)recommended it to me. At the time, I was in a BC theatre. Later, that theatre would become NBC, but at the time it was an NBC version of the BC group. I had no definite interest  in pursuing something there until the summer of 2016. HR applications opened up(much to my excitement), and I applied.

Miracously, I passed and became an executive, along with five of the greatest people I would ever meet, or so it seemed at the time.

Their names were dog9508, indiehuggy(I think that was her name at the time), disney(can’t remember full name), crazy cat(can’t remember full name), and kitty9508.

(And two amazing other people, non-hr’s-LivinDisney and princessb718)

We were the executive team, and everything was amazing. But what’s a story without lies?

In short, Disney and Crazy Cat were both fired due to lying. Disney claimed to have cancer so he could have attention, and Crazy Cat lied about a multitude of things that I can’t even remember.

Towards the end of the summer, the current president is fired for cursing execessicely on a server. The owner decides who to put as Head Managers, President, and Vice President.

The results:


Vice President-Indiehuggy

Head Managers-KFantastic and kitty9508

Sadly, indiehuggy resigned, and that’s when everything went downhill for a while.

School was back in session, overload of homework piles for HR’s and LR’s alike were rising. To make it even worse, the BC theatre group had gone NBC, so we lost the “loyal” NBC members from that BC group. HR’s were suddenly quitting frequently, until finally a decision was made.

We changed owners around January 2017. No ranks were changed, except for the previous owner becoming a Vice President. The new owner(ConnorWyd), changed multiple things and made me feel a little scared for the future of Grand * Theatre. However, everything was resolved and we’re here how we are today.

So why did I share that bit of backstory with you?

I think that Grand * Theatre possesses a unique background and is inspiring the workers and the crowd alike. I think that working at Grand * Theatre has grown me as a person to adapt to change. If you’re looking for a growing, fun, and empowering robloxian community, this is the one.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in:

-Joining the group Grand * Theatre:!/about

Until next time,

KFantastic, Roblox Group Insider.







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